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AiR DK2 and AiR OS
Bringing Unmatched Interactivity To Mobile Computing
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Wearing our see-through smart glasses, you can see information critical to your workflow overlaid contextually onto the real world. Naturally interact with the digital objects, and collaborate with your peers like never before.


Atheer is the pioneer in Augmented interactive Reality (AiR™), combining the power of 3D augmented reality with natural interaction to unlock human productivity.

Interactivity is the cornerstone of an effective mobile workflow. The Atheer AiR platform empowers workers to interact with the digital world with the same ease as they do in the physical world, by putting natural, gesture-based interaction at the center of the computing experience.

The Atheer AiR platform consists of the Atheer AiR Smart Glasses and the Atheer AiR OS, which are powered by our industry-leading precision in mobile gesture recognition, comfortable visual ergonomics, and contextual augmented reality. Learn more about the new Atheer Developer Kit, the AiR DK2, available now.
3D Computing Canvas
See through immersive smart glasses provide a large display area where workers can see and interact with their digital information without having to hold a physical device in their hands.

Unmatched Visual Comfort
We personalize the image viewing experience to reduce eyestrain, allowing for a truly immersive and comfortable visual environment.
Natural Gesture Interaction
Precise, mobile-optimized gesture recognition provides workers with an intuitive and precise way to interact with information.

Hands Free
Interact with your digital information without physically touching anything, keeping your hands free to complete the task at hand.
Rich Application Ecosystem
Full backwards compatibility with over 1 million Android applications, as well as remote desktop support to access your existing enterprise applications.

Contextualized 3D Augmented Reality
Displaying the right information at the right place and at the right time gives your mobile workforce unmatched rich, contextual, and actionable data on the go.


We created the Atheer AiR™ platform with developers in mind. Built to harness the power of 3D augmented reality smart glasses and natural gesture-based human-computer interaction, the Atheer AiR platforms allows developers to create innovative enterprise applications and efficient workflows.

Our SDK is built upon the Android APIs, allowing developers to easily design solutions that solve real world problems. We also provide support for common 3rd party toolkits such as Qualcomm’s Vuforia SDK and the Unity 3D engine. With our SDK and the Atheer Developer Kit, enterprises, corporations, and developers alike can create rich applications that improve efficiency and safety in a variety of work environments.


We are currently focusing on the field services, healthcare, oil and gas, and warehousing markets and are partnering with large customers and software solution vendors like you to deliver productivity and safety solutions to your workforce.

To learn more about our Developer Kit, get a demo, and start the conversation, fill out the request form below or email us at bizdev@atheerlabs.com and we'll get you on the path to bringing touch-free interactive AR applications to your team.